Sunday, November 24, 2013

Value Environment


  1. There's something very creepy about this. Most likely it's the wonky perspective. I'd suggest pushing that even further to be honest. Right now I feel like it hovers between 'intentionally creepy' and 'not sure how to use perspective.' Of course, if you are going for accurate perspective, you'd need to do a bunch of re-aligning to get your edges pointed toward their vanishing points. nice values.

  2. Worst aquarium I've ever seen.
    I love your textures, the wood and walls and bench - nice job on those.
    You could work on your fish though. Not that exciting.
    It needs a really dark-dark in a couple shadow spots to push it a little further.

  3. Nice Rachel. I also really like your textures. Probably my favorite part is the area with the bench and the floor around it--that section feels really nice. One suggestion I would give is that the line for the top front edge of that back display table might feel better if it was less tilted and possibly even tilted the other way. I feel like the way it is now makes it feel a little too much like the whole piece is sliding off the right side.

  4. I really like the texture in your hardwood floor and walls. My only suggestion would be to push the contrast so we know where the light source is coming from and push the perspective to be more whimsical if that's what you're going for.