Monday, November 25, 2013

Tessa Blackham- environment in value


  1. Tessa! I love this. The organic lines really bring it to life! You have the value nailed down too. I would just say watch the perspective. Your door on the bottom left hand side is really really wide and short, but maybe that is how you wanted it!

    1. Thanks Spencer. Yes, I agree with the door. It's kind of awkward but nothing I can't fix:)

  2. So fun! I really do love how you played with the perspective and you did a really good job making it really clear that it's intentional and not a mistake. My suggestion would be . . . I really like how you've got the broomstick and the sign to say a little about what kind of place this is, but I wish I could see a little more of that. I'm not quite sure whether it's supposed to be a friendly street or if the idea of witches and such is supposed to make it a little more frightening.

  3. I like the shapes and I think this is a fun environment. Everything is getting kind of mixed up though because the values don't indicate a focal point for me to focus on. Maybe push more of the building faces into shadow or think about how your light sources (lanterns and windows) would actually affect your environment. up on the roof areas should be super dark unless the shingles(?) are light, and the ground away from the light sources would get pretty dark.